Our Future Plans

Coming days we plan for:
  • Wider outreach in all small & local domestic markets reaching the poorest of the poor,
  • Bigger strides in Solar Concentrators market,
  • Expanding forays into other alternate sources of energy,
  • BOOT & CDM (Clean Development Management) ventures,
  • And of course, Establishing “State of Art Manufacturing facilities”.



AEPL takes up business development either by references or by direct marketing. Our sales team is always more than eager to take up the marketing leads & withstand the
   cut-throat competition in the market.

• We specifically take up regular training sessions every fortnightly for the sales team, project execution teams, & with the technicians itself in order to understand & resolve
   the key site issues independently & collectively, both.

• We normally do not take up Operations and Maintenance (O&M) contracts, as we believe in promoting the customers to take up the same on their own, reducing the dependence on outside sources of service network. And, we always guide our customers accordingly.

• We hardly outsource any part our activities.

• Neither does the company nor the promoters have any ongoing legal proceedings against them.